This is your chance to play for a National Championship.


What do you do after you hoist your local MASL cup? You and your teammates head off to the MASL National Championship in Las Vegas. Every MASL local league champion receives an automatic invitation to this exclusive event that no other adult soccer league offers.


What's so unique about this tournament is that you can't buy your way into it, the honor of playing in it must be earned. When you are competing with the hundreds or so other soccer players the weekend of the tournament, you’ll already know and appreciate the season-long hard work and effort that it took just to reach the Championship level.


Once at the tournament, the hard work is really just beginning. During the weekend the teams are challenged with games against other MASL members from their level and different cities – and there’s no such thing as an easy game in this tournament since all the teams, by definition, experienced success during the season.


The MASL National Championship is a road trip for all the teams, everyone has to deal with the challenges of tournament play, which will include:


       - A location away from home, new fields and referees to get used to.


       - Coordinating everyone on the team and getting them there.


       - Dealing with fatigue, either from travel, playing, juggling sleep, eating/meals – when / how much (if at all?).


       - New teams – you’ll be playing teams that you’re seeing for the first time over the weekend, the only thing you’ll know until you hit the pitch is their record and personal stats.


After overcoming the obstacle of the regular season and playoffs, the MASL National Championship presents a whole new series of challenges as the teams play to determine who will be #1 for the season at their level.


And when it’s over, win or lose, you’ll know that you had a chance to compete in a great weekend of soccer in one of the top vacation destinations in the world.


Another totally unique MASL feature is that after the MASL National Championship game players are encouraged to follow the time honored soccer tradition and exchange jerseys with their opponents. This will be a unique keepsake from a hard fought championship match. We won't leave you shirtless - just so you're ready for the next season, MASL will buy both teams replacement jerseys. As a bonus, If you win we will add a star, above your crest, to show that you are a MASL national champion.


Do you believe?


Is your team the next MASL National Champs?


for the

17/18 Season