I've never played soccer before can I still join the league?

Yes! We'll teach you the game in our exclusive "Beginner Soccer School" and by playoff time you'll be an all-pro. Our Beginner Leagues feature a 4 Week Soccer School, 10 Regular Full-Time Games with Extra Time (Just like the pros), Local Playoffs and Our National Championship.



I'm a couch potato. I don't think I'm in good enough shape to play soccer. What do you think?

Put down the remote and get ready because Metro Adult Soccer is just what you need! Soccer is a great way to get in shape. The league will have free substitution - so if you get winded you can come off the field for a break.



I've played in high school and on several adult rec teams - so I'm not a beginner, can I still join MASL?

This is the league for you. We offer players like yourself more benefits than any rec or park league ever could. Did your last rec league offer a chance to play in a National Championship? Our Intermediate League features 16 Full-Time Games with Extra Time (Just like the pros), Local Playoffs and Our National Championship.



The league cost seem a bit high....why?

The old saying "you get what you pay for" applies here. No other league is going to offer you the features and benefits that MASL offers. 11 v 11 full-time matches (two 45-minute halves with added time), full officiating crews: head referee, two linesmen as well as a forth official on the sidelines keeping track of the stats, everyone plays equal time policy, player and team web stats updated within 24-hours, personalized professional kits (home & Away) and a chance to compete for a National Championship against other teams from around the country. If that doesn't convince you check out the rest of the site there's much more!



Is MASL just for guys?

No. We are a 'ADULT' league. But, we are not co-ed per se. So we do not require that so many 'X' players are on the field at the same time. Teams are balanced by experience level not by sex. If there is enough demand in a city we will have a separate division for women.



Can I play with my friends on a team?

Yes, we GUARANTEE it! Whey you register there is a place to tell us who you'd like to play with. You and all your friends can hit the pitch together. If you're not signing up with any friends, don't worry about it, by your first game you'll have a whole team of new friends.



I want to play but do I need to sige up with a full team?

No! We will place you on a team. Metro Adult Soccer was formed just for you! Our teams are made up by the league headquarters - so every team will have a chance to win the MASL CUP and advance to the National Championship in Las Vegas.



I have soccer playing experience, can I still join the league?

Yes. Metro Adult Soccer caters to beginner and INTERMEDIATE players. Depending on the city you may be placed on a team in the intermediate division or if the city only has an open division you will be placed on a team with a mix of players.



I've watched soccer on TV. It looked pretty rough, will I get hurt?

Metro Adult Soccer will have several "Non-Contact" rules in place. Face it we all have to go to work on Monday. The league will place a very strong emphasis on safety and non-violence, and physical play or fighting will not be permitted nor will it be tolerated.



Do I need to get a t-shirt to match my teammates?

This is where Metro Adult Soccer out shines all other adult leagues - Our uniforms. You will receive a professional soccer kit (uniform) complete with a home and away jersey, shorts and socks. The jersey will be personalized with your name and number and team logo. You may not play like a pro.... but we'll make sure you look like one!



What if all my teammates are beginners and the other team has a lot of players that have played before. We won't have a chance will we?

Metro Adult Soccer will divide players up evenly among our teams so that no team will be stacked. Every team will have a chance to win their local MASL CUP and advance to the National Championship in Las Vegas.



How organized will the league be?

You won't find a better run adult soccer league anywhere. Period! League games will be run MLS style - two 45 minute halves with added time. We will have a head referee, two linesmen as well as a forth official on the sidelines. Our soccer schools will be taught by qualified instructors. Player and league stats will be updated on our website. You're not going to find a more professionally run league out there.



I have more questions how can I get in touch with the league office?

You can reach us by phone 1 877 3 SOCCER or visit our Contact Us page.




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