MASL is the Soccer League you've been looking for

Beginner Adult Leagues

 4 Week School, 10 Games, Playoffs & National Championship

 Intermediate Adult Leagues

16 Games, Playoffs & National Championship

Now Forming Nationwide!



The Masl Experience

What is Metro Adult Soccer all about.....To put it simply, it's about YOU!


Our slogan is "Get in the Game" and that's exactly what we'll help you do. Many adults have missed the chance to play organized soccer. If you never played soccer as a kid and have the desire to play soccer as an adult you really have no where to turn.


Your only choices are to join an established adult team, but they'll run circles around you and make you look and feel silly...That's no fun. Your other choice really hasn't been much better because up until now the only beginner soccer leagues are ok, I'm sure you could be scoring champ, but would you really enjoy making little Bobby cry)


So we created Metro Adult Soccer, just for you. We're a safe haven for adult beginner/intermediate players who want to learn and play the beautiful game of soccer. You start with four weeks of our exclusive "Soccer School" then it's onto your regular soccer season (10 games) and maybe you and your teammates will raise the MASL Cup during your victory lap at the end of your playoff run. In your second year you'll have a 14 game season followed by playoffs.


What makes MASL Different?


At it's most basic, Metro Adult Soccer is an adult (18+) soccer league for beginner and intermediate players. We reserve field space, we have full officiating crews, we show up and enjoy the beautiful game that is soccer. But beyond that, Metro Adult Soccer is a series of concepts that, when you put them all together, defines a more enjoyable playing experience that you would get from playing pick-up soccer at the park or in a locally operated league. In essence, features that Metro Adult Soccer considers to be routine, are considered "impossible" to other soccer programs. Here's what we mean:


Individual Sign-Up - There's no need to sign up as a team. All you need is you! If you'd like; feel free to bring a few friends along for the ride, it'll be a kick (get it). The league office and your local administrator will place you (and your friends) on a team. The teams will be divided, with a mix of beginner and intermediate players so there'll be a level playing field. Every team will have a chance to add some hardware to their trophy case!


National Championship - The local league champion and runner-up will get an invitation to participate against other local league winners in the MASL National Championship to be help in Las Vegas. A great time will be had by all who get a chance to participate.


Professional Style Uniforms - Other adult leagues give you a tee-shirt or nothing at all. Metro Adult Soccer features full professional looking uniforms including TWO jerseys (Home & Away), shorts and matching socks. Your jersey will be personalized with your name, number and team crest. Your kit will be better than some professional teams quality wise!


Real Full Time Games - You won't find a better run adult league anywhere, period. We strive to be a step above any other league. Metro Adult Soccer features full-time games, two 45-minute halves with added time, and the games are overseen by a full crew of game officials including linesman and a fourth official on the sidelines.


Soccer School - Mostly for our beginners, but our intermediate players will get a lot out of it too. You'll learn the game in a easy-going environment guided by our experienced instructors. Sure there will be times you'll look like a dork, but so will everyone else. By the start of the season you'll be on your way to playing the game you've only watched up until now. It's your turn to knock in the winning goal in extra time (do you have goose bumps yet). For our seasoned intermediate players, don't worry about getting bored, our instructors will even teach you a thing or two. The best part of soccer school is you go through it with your new teammates.


Player's Center Web Hub - The league website will have complete local and national standings, schedules, results, individual player stats, team stats and much more in our Player Center.


Other League Features - The Metro Adult Soccer Fantasy Cup Play & Stay Program is totally unique for an adult soccer program. We give you a chance to travel the world and play against other teams from around the world. Trips to England, Brazil, Mexico, Scotland, Germany and Italy are all on the drawing board. You'll see the sites, take in a professional game or two, and have a chance to bring back an international Cup championship.


And There's Plenty More -  Metro Adult Soccer invites you to browse our site and get a feel for the league.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Promise

Our vision is to provide adults (18+) who have the desire to play soccer an opportunity not only to play "The Beautiful Game" but to play it well in an exciting and professional environment.

Our mission is to promote the game of soccer and to provide opportunities for adults to learn and play the game in a friendly environment with other adult beginner and intermediate players locally and around the world. We will strive to make our leagues the best playing experience possible for our players.

Our promise is to be the best, most innovative, adult soccer league out there. Emphasizing good sportsmanship, fitness, teamwork and most importantly, a everyone plays and everyone has a fun policy.  We will give you things no other rec league can or would dream of. We will always strive to be better for you.




Metro Adult Soccer started as a dream… a selfish dream… but a dream nevertheless.


I fell in love with the game of soccer while watching the Chicago Sting from the cheap seats at Soldier Field. Having never played growing up, I was inspired to tryout for my high school team. “The view from the bench was awesome!” but my love for the game continued to grow over the years.


The game of soccer has (finally) gained a foothold here in the United States. Our national teams perform well on the world stage and our professional leagues continue to grow. The world’s game is quickly becoming our game, but as adults with limited soccer playing experience, my friends and I were only able to watch it on TV. We wanted to play! But with no where to turn we outlined our ideal league which was the basis for the Metro Adult Soccer League (MASL). Our league caters to adult beginner and intermediate players. So if you always dreamed of playing soccer or just want to play in a totally unique league, here’s you chance to “Get In The Game”.


The idea for Metro Adult Soccer Travel came to me while my friends and I were watching a National Team match. We were sitting around thinking of how cool it would be to play for an International Cup against teams from around the world. Our Fantasy Cup Play & Stay Vacations gives everyone the chance to “Live The Dream” of playing around the world for an International Cup. Our packages include hotel accommodations, full international games, tickets to local professional league games, evening entertainment and much more.


In the beginning I said that Metro Adult Soccer was a ‘selfish dream’, yeah I did it so that I’d have somewhere to play… but I’d like to invite you to join my dream. This is your chance to “Get In The Game” and play in MASL or “Live The Dream” and play for an International Cup.


Looking forward to seeing you on the pitch!

The Metro Adult Soccer Team




Nick is our Co-Founder and brings a wealth of soccer and business  knowledge to MASL. He has both played and has been a referee. He will be handling all aspects of the game day experience.

Eric will focus on social media. He is also in charge of our newsletter and will cover soccer from around the world as well as MASL. When he's not in the office, he's kicking the ball with his son.

Kevin will handle marketing,  player registration and the general day to day operation of the league. If you have a question about any league program, he's your go to guy.


for the

17/18 Season